Earlier this week Amelia Gentleman spoke with director Sonita Gale about Hostile, discussing the participants who are suffering at the hands of the Hostile Environment, such as Farrukh Sair.

Amelia was named ‘journalist of the decade’ after she exposed the Windrush scandal. Her reporting showed how people legally resident in the UK were losing access to benefits, being made homeless and facing detention or deportation. The plight of the Windrush Generation and so many others affected by the Hostile Environment are featured in Hostile, and we are so pleased that Amelia is covering the film.

“Sonita Gale’s Bafta-longlisted documentary is a difficult watch, but it shows powerfully the pain inflicted on innocent people by a broken system” – Amelia Gentlemen

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By raising awareness we hope to help the lives of Farrukh Sair, Anthony Bryan and the international students who we cover in our film and review the Hostile Environment and the No Recourse to Public Funds policy.

Every screening, every Q&A, every share, every review. It all makes a big difference. We are bringing the impact of ‘hostile environment’ to the forefront, and elevating the stories of migrants in this country. We feel so privileged to have filmed with such amazing participants who have shared their stories.

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