‘How I changed my mind’: a student shares their thoughts on Hostile

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Hostile screened at the University of Aberdeen in November 2022. Afterwards, Galeforce Films received this thoughtful written response from a student, who preferred to remain anonymous. By anonymous I came into the class excited to learn more about an issue that is dear to me. I did not consider myself to be incredibly knowledgeable on

‘People were asking: what can we do?’: A moving response to Hostile

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Angie Pedley works for the Craven Refugee Support Group and hosted the Q&A that followed Hostile's screening in Settle, North Yorkshire. After the event on Tuesday 17th January, she wrote Galeforce Films this moving response. By Angie Pedley On a very cold January evening, with icy roads in rural areas, 30 people came out to

Hostile screens at Victoria Hall in Settle, North Yorkshire

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On Tuesday, January 17th, Hostile screened at the Victoria Hall in Settle, North Yorkshire. The screening was followed by a Q&A with director Sonita Gale and Angie Pedley, from the Craven Refugee Support Network, who helped to organise the event. The Craven Refugee Support Network is a group of organisations operating in the Craven area

ONE YEAR ON: Hostile celebrates a momentous year of impact – Watch the video

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One year on from its release, we reflect on the achievements of Hostile and its impact campaign. We’ve been raising awareness of the ‘hostile environment’ in the UK and how it is affecting migrant communities - particularly the NRPF policy which denies over 1.4 million people (including 150,000 children) access to basic government

‘A light was shed on the personal unsettlement I feel too’ Aberdeen student reflects on Hostile

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Following a screening of Hostile at the University of Aberdeen in November, one of the students who attended wrote a piece giving their thoughts on the film. We found the response to be particularly moving, and we are grateful that they took the time to share this with us. We think it is important to

Celebrating the power of indie films at the 2022 British Independent Film Awards

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On Sunday 4th December, director Sonita Gale attended the British Independent Film Awards ceremony in London.  BIFA is an organisation that celebrates, promotes, and supports independent filmmaking and filmmakers in the UK, and the evening was certainly a celebration of the best the country has to offer. Founded in 1998 by Elliot Grove and Suzanne

‘A call to action to us all’ Hostile ends 2022 Impact Tour at Jesus College, Cambridge University

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On Tuesday 29th November Hostile had its final public screening of the year at Jesus College, University of Cambridge. It also marked the final screening this year in a series of talks hosted by the Intellectual Forum at the college, that in the past has included discussions with luminaries among the likes of Jimmy Choo,

An evening of social impact films – Hostile Screens at the 2022 British Urban Film Festival

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On Sunday 27th November Hostile screened at the British Urban Film Festival where the film was nominated in the Best Documentary category.  The screening was followed with a Q&A including Hostile's director Sonita Gale, hosted by Augusta Woods, who wrote and acted in The Track (which was executive produced by Imelda Staunton) Like Hostile, The

Naples Human Rights Film Festival – Hostile debuts in Italy

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On Wednesday, November 23rd Hostile screened at the Naples Human Rights Film Festival - the screening was its debut in Italy. The event was followed by a virtual Q&A with dir. Sonita Gale and professors Alessia J. Magliacane and Valentina Ripa. The Naples Human Rights Film Festival was born in 2008 as an initiative of

‘Film as a Public Ethical Arena’ – Hostile Screens at the University of Aberdeen

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On Tuesday 22nd November, Hostile screened at the University of Aberdeen. After the screening an online Q&A took place with director Sonita Gale, hosted by Robert W. Heimburger. Robert W. Heimburger is a Research Fellow in Theological Ethics at the University of Aberdeen who has a special interest in migration issues.  Ahead of the screening,

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