Last week during Eid director Sonita Gale visited the Newham Community Project foodbank in East London, four years after she first began filming Hostile.

Foodbank usage was surging at the time, and it seems like demand for such support continues to reach all time highs. The queues were filled with people from all walks of life. Many, such as the Uber driver we met subsisting on £52/day, had jobs. Women and children also made up a large portion of those that needed support.

In recent years, there have been legal challenges to NRPF, with extensions granted to families to receive free school meals, and court rulings that councils accomodate people with care needs. As of last year challenges to NRPF have found it to be unlawful on five occasions.

But the evidence from the foodbank suggests much more needs to be done, and too many people are slipping through the cracks.

Since making Hostile another one of the participants in the documentary – Farrukh Sair – ended his 12-year ordeal with the Home Office and finally received British citizenship, along with his wife and children.

We have since embarked on an Impact Campaign, covering educational institutions, and had the film screen in cinemas, festivals, and on broadcast television networks around the world. We plan to have a final extension on this Impact Campaign, so stay tuned for for an update.

We have been touched by the reception to this film, and in particular how young people have responded. Over Easter, Sonita’s daughter made a film to raise money for the Newham Community Project. If you would like to support it, please take a look at her GoFundMe page here:

And you can watch her short film here:

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