Voters go to the polls on 4 July to decide if they want to put an end to fourteen years of Tory rule. 

But what are the major parties offering on immigration? 

Labour and the Conservatives policies on legal migration are remarkably similar, with both parties pledging to bring levels down. The Conservatives will do this with a migration cap whereas Labour want selective visas to address UK labour shortages. 

However, when it comes to asylum seekers crossing the channel, the Conservatives promise to bring the Illegal Migration Act into force which will mean sending asylum seekers to Rwanda. Labour will scrap this plan and channel the money saved into a bolstered border force whilst also pursuing a return deal with mainland Europe. 

While there is the risk that the Conservatives have set the terms of the debate on immigration, the Greens, SNP and Lib-Dems have all set out alternatives that are worth looking at, and will hopefully be able to influence the debate.

On polling day, we encourage you to get out and make your voice heard!