On Monday 21st November, Hostile screened at this year’s Global Health Film Festival.

The online event was attended by over 80 people, and included a Q&A hosted by Priya Joi, with director Sonita Gale, Dr. Bernda Kelly and Dr Hosnieh Djafari-Marbini.

The panel discussed how the Government first described its aim to create a ‘hostile environment’ for migrants in 2012, at a time when the London Olympics featured glossy outward displays celebrating multiculturalism in Britain. The panel also talked about how migrant workers play a key role in many aspects of our society, the history of migrant NHS workers and the legacy of colonialism and the changes imposed by Brexit. The conversation drew on themes of the Hostile Environment within the NHS and the potential future privatisation of the NHS.

After the screening Priya said ‘Hostile is an eye-opening look at how the UK is really treating migrants but this isn’t just an issue of immigration – it’s a human issue. The film is galvanising and suggests that change is possible, even though the road there won’t be easy’.

Dr. Kelly added that the film was a thought-provoking documentary about the sinister policies that together constitute the hostile environment, a reality facing many people in the UK. This film ignites much-needed discourse. We need to stand together and stand up against this fundamental erosion of rights and  of our society.’

The Global Health Film Festival focuses on storytelling and in-depth panel discussions around global health themes including refugee and migrant health and rights, gender violence, mental health, planetary health, end of life and elderly care. 

You can see Hostile online today and the Global Health Film Festival runs for two weeks, showing films including Words of Silence and Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son

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