We are so touched to hear the news that Hostile has been longlisted for a BAFTA for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer. Hostile is Sonita’s Debut film as a Writer-Director.

“Hostile was made without industry backing and support and is a truly independent film. The team is multi-generational, diverse, from various socio-economic groups. The entire production was unified by a drive to elevate the stories of the participants and narrative around the subject matter. I started my directing career in my late forties, having produced a couple of films. Being a mum of two this came with challenges and against all odds we made our film. 

I am so appreciative of the BAFTA jury and BAFTA for their acknowledgement of independent film-making. To support our film is to support and amplify the previously unheard voices of the participants and their stories.” Sonita Gale

Hostile is a film born out of Sonita’s own childhood experiences. These memories and her journey led her to make Hostile, a film about the untold struggle that many members of migrant communities face in the UK.

The response to the film has been incredible. We now have a UK tour with Picturehouse and other independents such as Bertha DocHouse, Lexi Cinema, MAC Birmingham and Rio Cinema. This will commence right here in London on the 21st January at Finsbury Park Picturehouse, close to where the seed of the idea emerged for Hostile. 

You can view all the upcoming screenings at www.hostiledocumentary.com/tickets

Trailer: bit.ly/hostiledoc-trailer 

Thank you so much again to BAFTA for this unbelievable opportunity. Thank you also to our participants, the team at Galeforce Films, the crew, our post house, our facilitators, our impact partners and our financiers.

And to our Executive Producers Charlotte Fisher and Nitin Sawhney.