On Sunday, October 16th Hostile had its German debut, as the closing film of this year’s New Generations – Independent Indian Film Festival. 

Following the event, director Sonita Gale participated in a Q&A with festival organiser Petra Klaus and Dr. Subin Nijhawan, ​​a lecturer at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University.

They discussed how the stories told in Hostile translate to other countries, the challenges in making the film, the current political situation in the UK, and the role of art in activism.

The New Generations – Independent Indian Film Festival features art and culture of second and third generation South Asians. It started its activities in the context of the book fair in 2006, when India was the guest of honour. In addition to Hostile, there were some fascinating films screened at the event including The Beatles And India, Skater Girl and Nishiddho (Forbidden).

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