Hostile was screened to students, parents and teachers at the King Alfred School in Hampstead on Friday. 

The event was organised as a student project by a Year 10 student, Lorenzo Espinosa who was interested in the Newham Community Project  – featured in the film – and the work they do to support migrants in their community. 

The film was followed by a Q&A with Director Sonita Gale, Sir Stephen Timms (MP for East Ham), and a few words from Elyas (Newham Community Project Organiser), both of whom feature in Hostile. 

Sir Stephen Timms talked about NRPF, and his efforts to overhaul the restriction on Child Benefit for migrant families. One attendee, a GP, shared how increasingly political her work is becoming and how little understood harmful policies like NRPF still are in her sector. 

It operated as a fundraiser for the food bank, which is aiming to raise £1000. You can still donate here

You can read more about the screening here.