We are very happy to hear the latest news that Farrukh Sair – whose story about his dealings with the Home Office features prominently in Hostile – has recently received his Indefinite Leave to Remain, making him a permanent resident of the UK.

This development marks the end of a twelve-year campaign to get his residency, which was denied to him on grounds that he argued were flimsy at best. This was an ongoing ordeal that happened while Farrukh was an IT worker for the NHS, and left him occasionally unemployed and deep in debt.

Thanks to a media campaign and pressure on the Home Office from the Daily Mirror, Farrukh and his family have been vindicated. This was on the heels of an article about Farrukh in the Guardian by Amelia Gentlemen, and our film which was released earlier this year. 

Unfortunately, as Farrukh states in the article, he was also diagnosed with cancer. We are happy that without pressure from the Home Office, Farrukh can focus on his recovery, and he and his family can finally begin the process of rebuilding their lives.