On 20th July Hostile will screen at the Lexi Cinema in Brent. 

Hostile filmed in Brent with Daksha and Paresh, who, in response to the needs of NHS workers, initiated their own kitchen to feed NHS staff. Their inspiring story and the people they served in Brent were incredibly impactful on the making of Hostile.

The screening forms part of the second edition of the Brent Biennial. ‘In the House of my Love’ is a project that brings together artists and community groups whose work in various ways propose strategies for homemaking within the context of hostile environments. 

The theme for the biennial importantly takes as a very strong point of departure the various histories and legacies of migration that have made Brent the place that it is today; the second most ethnically diverse borough in London, and a local authority with one of highest numbers of first generation migrants in the country. 

If you are interested in coming along, get your tickets here.