A big thank you to the London Migration Film festival for screening Hostile on the last night of the festival. 

The screening was followed by a heartfelt and informative Q&A with Sonita Gale alongside a panel of experts on the Hostile Environment including: Toufique Hossain (Director of Public Law at Duncan Lewis Solicitors) Daniel Trilling (journalist and author of Lights In The Distance: Exile And Refuge At The Borders Of Europe) and Praxis, a leading charity for migrants and refugees.

At the same time that the event was happening, the Nationality and Borders Bill was passed in parliament, which curtails the rights of refugees and migrants in the UK. It’s so important that festivals like these are continuing to facilitate vital conversations surrounding Human rights, and Migrant rights. We hope through events like these we can influence change in the treatment of migrants in this country.

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You can learn more about the film via Twitter and Instagram at @hostiledoc  

View the trailer for Hostile at: bit.ly/hostiledoc-trailer