On Wednesday, November 23rd Hostile screened at the Naples Human Rights Film Festival – the screening was its debut in Italy. The event was followed by a virtual Q&A with dir. Sonita Gale and professors Alessia J. Magliacane and Valentina Ripa.

The Naples Human Rights Film Festival was born in 2008 as an initiative of the association “Cinema e Diritti” with the aim of establishing a reference point for Human Rights debate in Southern Europe opening up a dialogue among civil societies from the Middle East to North Africa and to Northern Europe and America. There is a long tradition of hospitality in the city of Naples and it has been a crossroads for migrant people since the Middle Ages.

The festival aims to make Naples a ‘Human Rights City’. Just like the Cities of Sanctuary in the UK that ‘Hostile’ has toured in during its impact campaign. 

We have so far done 11 screenings as part of our nationwide impact campaign. For upcoming screenings please visit our ticketing page here.

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