We are so pleased that Hostile has been selected for the London Migration Film Festival. London Migration Film Festival includes a great number of fiction, short and documentary films focusing on the intersection of migration with themes such as climate emergency, integration, parenthood, race, gender, and representation. The festival includes films by established artists and directors as well as films by less known filmmakers who use new perspectives to analyse migration and refugee issues. In order to raise the profile and provide a platform for migrant filmmakers, they include films that were directed, produced and starred in by migrants.
‘With the aim of portraying the diversity and humanity of migration, our film selection reflects the many forms in which migration takes place.’
We look forward to contributing to vital conversations about migrants rights in the UK and championing creative migrant voices.
Hostile premiered at Raindance Film Festival and was longlisted for 3 BIFA awards. The film will be screening at Cambridge Film Festival this November 20th and 23rd. It’s fantastic to have the ongoing support of festivals to ensure we can provide a much-needed platform for the stories in the film to be heard.
The online programme will be available from 25th Nov – 1st Dec, with a special online screening of the film on the 8th December. View the full programme available at: https://bit.ly/london-migration


You can view the trailer for the film here.

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