Hostile has been acquired by the Asian Documentary Corporation and is now available for audiences to view in Japan. 

You can view it by clicking on the link here. And view more films in their catalogue on their website.

We are particularly pleased that the film is available in the country, as earlier this year Japan’s National Diet passed a law that would make it easier for the government to deport asylum seekers. This is a troubling development in a country which already has one of the most restrictive refugee support systems in the world. 

We hope that Hostile will give viewers there an understanding the difficulties faced by refugees and asylum seekers, and be a part of the dialogue among refugee rights organisations based there, as well as lawmakers, as they consider ways to draft and complement laws in the future that will treat these people with dignity and respect.

If you live outside Japan, the film is still also available to view on the BFI Player in the UK; SBS in Australia; the Rialto Channel in New Zealand; PMG (via KCET) in the US and VGTV in Norway.

For more information click here.