Hostile has won BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE at the South London Film Festival!  We are so excited to have been selected for this award, which means so much to director Sonita Gale and the team as proud Londoners.

Festival founder Kyriakos Georgiou had this to say about the film:

‘Hostile is an extremely powerful film that showcases and highlights the very important stories which are hugely affecting our community. It is a film that will amplify the voices of many people who often are left unheard. Congratulations to Sonita Gale, her team and all the people involved who shared their stories.’

A majority of the participants in Hostile are based in London, and we are so proud to be representing these stories through the film.

With the upcoming Nationality and Borders bill curbing the rights of migrants even further, it is so timely that we have been selected for this award at this time. It’s so important to be elevating these stories. Historically, Britain is a country that is inclusive, not exclusive. I hope that we can unite as a multicultural, passionate society to fight these cruel policies.


Hostile is a feature documentary exposing the ‘hostile environment’ for migrants in the UK. Written, Directed and Produced by Sonita Gale.

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