“I hope the impact will be that people will watch, will educate themselves, will campaign for change, will demand change. Because the current situation is intolerable for a lot of people who are destitute, hungry, stuck in limbo, waiting and waiting. And as a society we can’t tolerate that” Sonali Naik QC

“The stories in the film are incredibly moving, in some cases uplifting, and in some cases absolutely heartbreaking, and that is the great power of film… film can move you. I’d like this film to go out into the world to have a life beyond cinemas, beyond people’s TVs and change hearts and minds” Ursula Macfarlane, award-winning Film and Television director

Hostile had a sold-out screening at Picturehouse Central last night.

After the film, Writer-director Sonita Gale was joined on a Q&A panel by Sonali Naik QC, a ​​Human Rights Barrister at Garden Court Chambers who specialises in public law cases and in all aspects of immigration, asylum and nationality law and practice. The Q&A was hosted by the award-winning film and television director, Ursula Macfarlane 

The Q&A sparked some insightful and powerful questions from the audience surrounding the legalities of a hostile immigration system, and tangible actions that need to be taken to challenge it.

Thank you to everyone who came. By raising awareness of the film, we can raise awareness of the Hostile Environment and help inspire change. 

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