What is No Recourse to Public Funds?

  • No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) was introduced in 1999 by New Labour’s Immigration and Asylum Act (Section 115).
  • This policy dictates that anyone ‘subject to immigration control’ has NRPF and therefore, cannot access ‘public funds’.
  • These ‘public funds’ include: Universal Credit, Disability Living Allowance, Carer’s Allowance, Child Benefit, Housing Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance (see full list here).
  • NRPF is even applied to individuals with a Limited Leave to Remain visa status. This means that, in spite of paying the same tax as all other working UK citizens (council tax, income tax and national insurance), they are not entitled to access public funds. 
  • In 2012, as part of the government’s ‘Hostile Environment’ measures, the Home Office began automatically applying the NRPF condition to people granted leave to remain on family or private life grounds.
  • With no access to public funds, people with NRPF can often be left destitute, resulting in reliance on food banks and homelessness
  • This inequality and deprivation amongst people with NRPF grew considerably during the pandemic – the effects of which are still being felt
  • 2019 research revealed NRPF has a disproportionate impact on women, low-income families, disabled people, and black and minority ethnic (BAME) children and, as of June 2020, nearly 1.4 million people had No Recourse to Public Funds (Citizens Advice research).

The campaign

We have devised an impact campaign to influence policy change against No Recourse To Public Funds. We are pleased to announce that Migrants Organise, JCWI, Migrants Rights Network, Bonny Down Community Association, DAUK, Highly Skilled Migrants, Stephen Timms, INSA (Indian National Students Association) and Newham Community Project are supporting us as Impact Partners on our campaign.

This film has the potential to have a life beyond traditional broadcast and distribution. Our hopes are that Hostile will be able to benefit the communities we depict, both in terms of highlighting these issues, and campaigning for policy change.

The time to act is now. Following the introduction of the New Points Based Immigration system on January 1st, 2021, the government’s desire to implement far-reaching restrictions on who comes into the country is proving to be just one component of a plan to regulate all aspects of our daily lives. Our campaign seeks to put the spotlight on these issues before it is too late.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill being debated in Parliament will render peaceful protest illegal and persecute vulnerable minorities like Gypsies, Roma and Travellers thanks to a provision that turns trespass from a civil into a criminal offence.  Meanwhile, the recently introduced Nationality and Borders Bill takes things one step further, redefining the parameters of legal entry for refugees and asylum seekers and giving the government powers to strip individuals of their British citizenship without warning.

A combination of laws that curtail the rights of minorities and cuts off any avenue for dissent is a template for authoritarian rule.  Whether or not you are a British citizen, the trend is becoming increasingly clear that the Hostile Environment policies that have been the cornerstone of the UK government’s immigration system for over a decade are being slowly redefined and expanded upon in ways that will affect us all.

To join our campaign or learn more, please email info@galeforcefilms.co.uk

What do we want?

‘Hostile’ is a springboard to create real change within our system and to improve real lives within our country.

Our goals are as follows:

  1. To review the NRPF condition
  2. To end the immigration health surcharge (IHS) for all tax-paying migrants
  3. To ensure that migrants are provided with clear information in a language and a format that they are able to understand, including making provisions for migrants with disabilities


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How can you support us?

Email your MP

Stephen Timms MP, who is spearheading the campaign against NRPF within parliament, has informed us that the most important action we can take is to write to our local MPs. You can download an email template HERE to write to your local MP.

Please note – you can visit www.members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP to find out who your local MP is.

Educate on social media

The first step in affecting change is awareness. Social media is a wonderful tool through which to spread information quickly and freely. You can download a social media pack to share HERE

Don’t forget to follow/tag us on social media: Twitter at @hostiledoc and Instagram @hostiledoc

Join the conversation 

Throughout the coming months, we’ll be holding discussions around NRPF, online and in-person across the UK. We’re bringing together locals, politicians and academics to consider how we can affect change. Stay posted across our social media to see when you can join us!