Our Campaign

Hostile is a springboard to enact real change within our system and to improve real lives in this country.

We launched our impact campaign on 6 June 2022 with a screening of Hostile in Parliament and now we want to keep the momentum going. 

Bringing together communities, educators and legal experts, Hostile is pushing for an end to the damaging no recourse to public funds policy as well as other government policies that continue to have an adverse effect on immigrant and migrant communities. 

Read more about our first year of impact here

Speak Out

We know that people power works and change is possible. Each of us needs to use our voices and speak out against unjust and hostile immigration policies

Support Your Community

Find out how you can turn up for your community by getting involved with local campaigns and supporting our national impact partners

Stay Engaged

The fight for a more compassionate immigration system won’t be won overnight, discover learning resources and stay tuned for more campaign news.

Speak Out

Email your MP and demand an end to NRPF

MP Sir Stephen Timms, who is spearheading the campaign against NRPF within Parliament, says that the most important action you can take is to write to your local MP. You can find your local MP here.

You can write to your MP here.

Email your MP and stand up for the Windrush Generation

MPs like David Lammy have been calling for the government to move more quickly when it comes to compensating victims of the Windrush Scandal. Activist Patrick Vernon has been vocal in calling for this process to be taken over by a body independent of the Home Office. 

You can download an email template here to write to your local MP on this issue.

Raise awareness on social media

Download our social toolkit here to start spreading the word about the ‘hostile environment.’

Support Your Community

Find out what organisations are operating in your local community. You can support them by donating or volunteering. 

Find your local food bank here.

The following organisations are working in the sphere of migrant and refugee rights. Get in touch to see how you can support their work.



Migrants Organise

Refugee Action

The Refugee Council 

Doctors’ Association UK 

Runnymede Trust


Bonny Downs Community Association 

Newham Community Project 

Need to access support for an ongoing immigration case?

Stay Engaged

Stay posted across our social media @hostiledoc to find out about upcoming screenings and Q&As.