“It’s showing people what they need to know. This is happening right before our eyes” Abigail Pollock

“I hope the film will be a call to more community organising and collective action on standing up for what’s right” Dr Alexandra Bulat

Great screening last night at Cambridge followed by Q&A with writer-director Sonita Gale and Dr Alexandra Bulat (Young Europeans Network) hosted by Abigail Pollock. Join us for the next screening – visit www.hostiledocumentary.com/tickets for tickets nationwide.

It was great to see packed theatres and a genuine feeling of hope and solidarity amongst our wonderful communities and country.

Abigail is the Youth Lab Lead & Co-ordinator at the Cambridge Film Trust, which runs the Cambridge Film Festival. Dr Alexandra Bulat moved to the UK from Romania in 2012 at 18 years old. She is currently the Co-Manager of the Young Europeans Network, working on access to settlement and citizenship and democratic engagement for migrants in the UK.

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