The Nationality and Borders Bill received Royal Assent and became an Act of Parliament on 28 April 2022. We stand in solidarity with the many migrants across the country who will be affected by some of the policies in this bill, and to future migrants seeking refuge in the UK.

“The bill includes clauses to allow indefinite detention, offshore processing, and pushbacks at sea, and will allow differential treatment of refugees depending on how they arrive to the UK. It has been described as “racist”, “despicable” and in violation of international law by numerous human rights bodies, charities and campaigners.” Anita Bhadani, The National

“The Nationality and Borders Bill effectively dismantles the UK’s asylum and refugee law regime, criminalizes asylum seekers, sets up a fundamentally discriminatory structure, and lays the legal groundwork for pushbacks and offshore refugee processing. It also makes stripping citizenship easier.” – Kartik Raj, Human Rights Watch

You can find out more information about the Bill here.