“I work with the hostile environment day in, day out. And I can tell you this is one of the most moving, powerful and profound films that I have ever seen. It is absolutely essential viewing that anybody who lives in the UK, no matter who you are, no matter what your background is” Bella Sankey, Director, Detention Action.

“It really highlighted the significance of what is going on at the moment. A very very powerful film” Michael Collyer, Sanctuary on Sea.

A fantastic evening at @dukesatkomedia last night. Hostile @hostiledoc was moved to a larger screening to accommodate the popularity of the film. It is great to see that so many people want to learn more about the hostile environment and what they can do to help.

Writer-Director Sonita Gale was joined by Bella Sankey on a Q&A panel hosted by Michael Collyer.

Bella Sankey is a human rights campaigner and the Director of Detention Action, a human rights charity providing support for people in detention and campaigning for fundamental reform. Michael Collyer is the Treasurer for Sanctuary on Sea, the local City of Sanctuary group, and Professor of Geography at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research. He specialises in migration and refugee issues within the European Union.

We learnt last night more about detention and the numbers of detainees and detention centres that are growing across the UK. We also learned more about The Nationality and Borders Bill and the implications it will have on us all. We spoke about the NHS and how the hostile environment is affecting our NHS and its workers.

There was also a sense of positivity in the discussion. If we collectively work together grassroots we can overcome this and create a fairer system for all.

Thank you to all of those that attended last night. 

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