Hostile is on a nationwide educational tour!

Yesterday, director Sonita Gale attended a screening of Hostile + Q&A at Lincoln College, Oxford University, in collaboration with Worcester College. The discussion revolved around decolonising curriculums and deconstructing our understanding of British history. 40% of Lincoln students being from countries outside the UK/EU – and there were further discussions about how the hostile environment affects students.

This event continues the educational tour with Hostile across the country, with the aim of engaging students to get involved with campaigning for positive change. Keep up to date with our latest educational screenings on our impact page here.

“The documentary masterfully demonstrates that the hostile environment policies didn’t come out of nowhere, but are intimately linked to the legacy of Empire and the legislation of successive governments. This legacy is not a historical artefact but provides a foundation for contemporary policies which have devastating consequences in the here and now, on the lives of migrants and other marginalised groups. I look forward to being involved in discussions as to how Hostile can be added to the curriculum, and I know that students at Oxford will be keen to get involved in the impact campaign to create tangible change. I was inspired by Sonita’s final words during the Q&A to do whatever you can, small actions are meaningful.” Rea Duxbury, Learning Development Officer, Worcester College, University of Oxford

“It was wonderful to host Sonita Gale with a screening of her film Hostile. We had students, academics, and changemakers in the room and the conversation the film inspired helped to further unpick the realities for so many of the UK’s marginalised communities and what people in education can do to affect meaningful and sustained change. Events like this help to keep the conversation on the table. We are excited to see what comes of her meetings with Rishi Sunak (Lincoln College, 2001) and the forthcoming parliamentary visit!” Dr Joseph da Costa, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Oxford University

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