Migration policy has been top of the news agenda this week. On Monday, the Illegal Migration Bill passed its second reading. 

If enacted, any migrant or person seeking asylum arriving in the UK by a small boat crossing will be rendered ‘illegal’, their claim to asylum will nullify and they will be removed from the country and barred from reentry. 

The government say this will deter people from crossing the channel and disrupt the business models of people smugglers, yet people like Enver Solomon (CEO of the Refugee Council), who have been working in the field a long time say that this plan is ‘unworkable, costly and won’t stop the boats.’ 

Amidst this chaos, it is reassuring to see the outpouring of solidarity with refugees. Hundreds of people gathered in Parliament Square on Monday to protest the illegal migration bill holding up placards with messages like ‘What do we want? Safe passage. When do we want it? Now.’

No human is illegal. We stand with refugees and the migrant community.