I hope [Hostile] opens up people’s eyes to a system they may not know much about, and allow some space for empathy for what migrants have to go through.” – Sonita Gale, director of Hostile

The cover story of On the Hill magazine’s October issue features a conversation with Hostile director Sonita Gale.

The article – a conversation between Micael Johnstone and Sonita – includes a discussion about her connection to Primrose Hill, her experiences as a filmmaker, and the making of Hostile. 

On The Hill is a free magazine (in print and online) for the Primrose Hill community, run by volunteers and produced by the Primrose Hill Community Association. 

The article is available for free in the Primrose Hill area, or you can read it online here.

Interview by Micael Johnstone, edited by Maggie Chambers, with photography by Sarah Louise Ramsay.

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