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Hostile examines the UK’s Hostile Environment — A term coined by Theresa May in 2012 to refer to a collection of immigration policies she introduced as Home Secretary. It captures the atmosphere the government wanted to create for migrants in the country, with the intention of provoking them to leave the UK of their own accord. 

Immigration continues to dominate headlines and has took centre stage during the 2024 election, in which policies such as the controversial Rwanda Asylum Plan were hotly debated. This film maintains its relevance as the lives of vulnerable members of our society are increasingly being used as a political football.

What does it mean to be British? How does it feel to be told you don’t belong?

The Conservative government brought in a series of sweeping legislation changes which suggest these are questions we should all be considering. In 2021 the Points Based Immigration System restricted entry to the UK to only those who the Government believe will contribute the most to the UK economy. This attitude continued. Most recently, in 2024, the government increased the minimum salary for a Skilled Worker Visa by nearly fifty percent, reduced visas for health and social care workers, and stopped international students bringing dependents. It is now time to take a look at the impact these policies have on our communities.

The film examines the horrifying impact these policies are having in Britain today

For all these years, I have been giving, giving, giving. I haven’t claimed a single penny of government money. Now I’m thinking, did I waste 17 years of my life giving back to this country?



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