“I don’t understand why people can’t live together to be honest. But the film? Very important, very important. People can take note from it and make sure they don’t make the same mistakes again” Anthony Bryan

“Nothing has been done by the government unfortunately, what I hope will happen is there will be a time where this [foodbank] isn’t needed. Things will have changed because of the film” Elyas Ismail

As Hostile gains more traction, with the stories of the Hostile Environment coming to the fore, we wanted to share a behind the scenes video from the film.

Hostile was made over an 18 month period during the pandemic. We finished Hostile in September 2021 but the story of Hostile didn’t end there. The stories of the people you see are real and sadly, the situations for them are worsening. 

These are the behind the scenes of 2020/2021, capturing the importance and the urgency of this story. 

Meet Anthony Bryan, member of the Windrush Generation who arrived in the UK in 1965. After applying for a passport in 2015 to visit his elderly mother in Jamaica, his troubles with the Home Office began. He was detained in a detention centre for several weeks on two occasions. He fought for his right to remain in this country, facing financial and emotional trauma. Meet Elyas Ismail, who set up a food bank for international students during lockdown. He has told us recently that the numbers at the food bank have been rising.

Hostile is a feature-length documentary written and directed by Sonita Gale. The film reveals the impact of the Hostile Environment for migrants in the UK. 

The film was released January 21st 2022 and has begun a nationwide screening and Q&A Tour. Please join us – tickets are available at www.hostiledocumentary.com/tickets


Trailer: bit.ly/hostiledoc-trailer 

Instagram and Twitter: @hostiledoc

The Guardian – Amelia Gentleman: “Shows powerfully the pain inflicted on innocent people by a broken system”

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